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Male Vitality Plus: Virility Boost Formula - Perennial Life Premium Natural Products (Now 120 Capsules)

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Supports men’s reproductive health and feelings of vitality

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the concept of “jing.” It is the principle of strength, virility, ambition, motivation, and longevity. Jing can be diminished by excessive stress, sex, or poor sleep. In today’s terms we might think that jing relates to testosterone. Perennial’s Virility NOW formula helps build core jing. Over time it can help restore feelings of strength, power, motivation, and ambition while helping support the reproductive system.


 (Now 120 Capsules)


Tribulus: Has been used by many cultures to support healthy male virility, stamina and energy. May help the body to produce testosterone.

Ginseng Root: Was used in China anciently for virility, longevity, and as an adaptogen to balance energy and stress conditions.

Muira Puama: Also from South America called “potency wood” to enliven and improve male vigor.

Sarsaparilla: Has been used to enhance male potency and hormone production.

Damiana: Helpful to reduce tension and build the nerves.

Nettle Root: Has been used for hair loss, prostate inflammation, and reduce testosterone loss.

Ho Shuo Wu Root: Used in China is considered to increase longevity and virility.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable-based capsules (cellulose). No excipients or flow agents. Does not contain soy, dairy, wheat, or corn.


Disclaimer: these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.


Our Difference

  • Highest quality standards, better than GMP (good manufacturing practices)
  • We source herbs from all around the world
  • Our herbs are tested by HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography) for identification and quality.
  • We use only organic or wildcrafted herbs
  • We test for pathogens (bad bacteria) before and after manufacture
  • We leave the friendly bacteria from around the world to enhance our microbiome.
  • After testing for quality, the herbs are fed into a capsulating machine
  • Most manufacturers use fillers or flow agents, we slow down the machine and have a better product true to nature.
  • We only use vegetable based capsules (more expensive) because we care about your health!
  • After encapsulated, we inspect each capsule. Most companies don’t!
  • We use state of the art machines to fill and seal the bottles for safety.
  • We check the finished capsules one more time for pathogens. It is only then that the product is released.

    Our process does require a great deal of cleaning, checking, inspecting, ect., but to us, you are worth it!
Take 3-4 weeks consistently for full results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent product!

I've used Male Vitality Plus daily for a couple of years and love the results. This is a genius formula that delivers consistent increased vitality.

Robert Garff

Already submitted a review

Ryan T.

I’m not getting an younger and have tried to find healthy / natural alternatives to helping with energy levels, my diabetes and performance. In just a short period of time I’ve been able to address all of these with good results.

Austyn White
Natural Positive Energy!

Male Vitality has really helped me. I have been taking it for almost a month now and I have noticed major difference in my energy levels and mood. My job requires a lot of mental focus and is extremely stressful at times. But since taking this stuff, it has improved my day to day resilience! Thanks for creating such a great product Perennial!