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Our Story — Perennial Life

Welcome! Perennial, LLC is a company formed for the purpose of helping individuals achieve balance, renewal and longevity. We seek to achieve this mission through education and the creation of premium, all-natural products.

Perennial was founded by Jeremy Thatcher and Dave Card, two individuals who are committed and passionate about sharing their first-hand knowledge and experience on the healing properties of nature. Each brings a unique balance of experience and intuition.

The company seeks to promote a culture that is transparent and authentic. We proactively share information about our ingredients and methods and do not make claims that can’t be supported. We strive to be honest and provide helpful advice, even if it results in not making a sale. We will take responsibility for our missteps and do what we can to resolve them in a quick and appropriate manner.

Education is vital to achieving our mission. In addition to our written materials and blogs, we are dedicated to speaking directly with individuals as well as providing online seminars and training sessions. When interacting with others, we avoid using technical terms or industry jargon that may be difficult for our customers to understand.

Perennial seeks to always be in touch with its customers and always exceed their expectations. We spend considerable time and energy ensuring the purity and efficacy of our products. We do not second guess nature – all of our products are made with natural, high-quality ingredients sourced from like-minded suppliers. As a matter of principal, we do not add any fillers, excipients or chemicals. Also, we work closely with and only produce our products in FDA registered cGMP facilities.



Jeremy Thatcher

- Founder & Chief Executive Officer -

Jeremy’s experience has been primarily focused in finance and operations – mainly as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer for a few multi-billion dollar private investment firms. As part of his role and responsibilities, Jeremy spent considerable time designing and streamlining business processes.

Jeremy received a B.S. in Accounting and Information Systems from Brigham Young University and is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive).

Jeremy’s interests include running, skiing and service opportunities – especially when it’s with family and friends.

Quote: “Nature heals.”


Dave Card

- Founder & Chief Formulator -

Dave has been actively involved in the health and nutrition industry since 1980 – as a health and nutrition store owner, formulator, wellness counselor and author. He is passionate about looking for natural ways to improve health. Additionally, he is a frequent guest speaker on herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, and Bach Flower Remedies. Dave received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Utah. He also graduated as a Certificated Homeopath (C.H.) from the Hahnemann Academy of North America, has his Master Herbalist (M.H.) from the School of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah and is a Certified Nutritionist (C.N.). When he’s not teaching or studying wellness, Dave enjoys spending time with family and four wheeling in the mountains of Utah. Quote: “If you give the body what it needs, it can heal itself.”
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