Male Vitality Plus: Virility Boost Formula

Male Vitality Plus: Virility Boost Formula

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Supports men’s reproductive health and feelings of vitality

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the concept of “jing.” It is the principle of strength, virility, ambition, motivation, and longevity. Jing can be diminished by excessive stress, sex, or poor sleep. In today’s terms we might think that jing relates to testosterone. Perennial’s Male Vitality+ formula helps build core jing. Over time, it can help restore feelings of strength, power, motivation, and ambition while helping support the reproductive system.



Tribulus: Has been used by many cultures to support healthy male virility, stamina and energy. May help the body to produce testosterone.

Ginseng Root: Was used in China anciently for virility, longevity, and as an adaptogen to balance energy and stress conditions.

Catuaba: Was used in South America for sexual vigor and male energy and motivation.

Muira Puama: Also from South America called “potency wood” to enliven and improve male vigor.

Tongkat Ali: An exotic herb with a health reputation for male vigor and stamina.

Sarsaparilla: Has been used to enhance male potency and hormone production.

Damiana: Helpful to reduce tension and build the nerves.

Nettle Root: Has been used for hair loss, prostate inflammation, and reduce testosterone loss.

Ho Shuo Wu Root: Used in China is considered to increase longevity and virility.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable-based capsules (cellulose). No excipients or flow agents. Does not contain soy, dairy, wheat, or corn.